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The historical city of Canton, long the trading centre and gateway for the China Empire, is today her third largest metropolis.  Once relying on the Pearl River link to the world, it has within the last ten years reasserted itself as a truly world-class gateway — with grand railway and airport terminus and designs to rival Singapore’s status as a Garden City.  A complete integration of a culture’s art, lifestyle, philosophy, wellness and community are introduced to the traveller in ways that revolve around the self-sustaining aspects of two entities: a Rejuvenation Centre & Spa and Living-Museum. 


The historic maritime trading capital of China will be explored.

We shall avoid the over-priced Bund area and consider the southern district.  Perhaps situated between Hangzhou and Shanghai, but close to Shanghai allowing acceptable transport should the traveller be conducting business in Shanghai.

Shanghai South

The southern beach of Sanyo has become very popular first with Mainland Chinese, now with international brands attracting global travellers. This is an important beach resort destination for China and desired to establish a foothold in this significant market.

Hainan Island

  1. ASSET:  80 acre estate to be established just outside of the city.  Pollution is likely to be our chief impediment, and must therefore control the surrounding area of each new village construct. 

  2. SUSTAINABILITY: Will establish the first Living Museum in PRC utilising  largest private holding of antique furniture and decorative arts, along with working artisan guild to replicate an Authentic Sense of Place and History.

  1. ASSET: Water-front location south of Shanghai

  2. SUSTAINABILITY: based on the Gougnzhou  location, we shall duplicate the proven model in PRC.  We shall established a large enough estate to guard against increasing pollution. The artist guilds shall continually create preservation, restoration, replication of the traditional Chinese arts to augment the healing harts of our ‘food as medicine’ kitchens and traditional healers integrated clinic.

  3. Traditional regal residential accommodations shall be built.

  1. ASSET: Sanyo beach location

  2. SUSTAINABILITY: established Hainan Island culture shall transcend the project unlike most competitor outcomes.

  3. Our product shall attract both PRC and international cliental because we are authentic.

A partnership between HarPro-Global and China Best, a cluster of studios by an American and Chinese national located in Guangzhou, China is attainable.  For over 20 years, China Best has amassed one of the largest private art collections of Chinese art and furnishings.  The plan is to purchase about 500 mu of land, (about 80 acres, 33 hectares), and place a newly constructed village built according to the local historic vernacular.  These studios, warehouse and artisan living compound will be relocated and integrated into its first location as the Living-Museum.  Resort antiques will be augmented by replications created by the resident artisans.