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Lapa Rios  is located east of Corcovado National Park, yet has its own 1000 acre private primary rainforest reserve. It was owner-operated from 1993 to 1999 and began as the first up-market eco-lodges in Costa Rica.  Since then the property has been operated by Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality (CSH) and has shown improvements in financial results. Lapa Rios has become a brand in its own right.  Following the Lapa Rios acquisition we envision gradual increases in capacity and standards to achieve the only five star product in the country’s south.  In so doing we shall attain higher yields without high density.  This limits capital investment and habitat disturbance.  


Built nearly 25 years ago as the first eco-lodge in the Osa region, the property is well positioned to capture the attention of the New Traveller.  After the family built the lodge it acquired extensive primary rainforest land to its south — extending the holdings to over 2000 acres just to the west of Corcovado National Park.  Most importantly, they acquired the only property fronting outstanding beach-front land in the Osa. 

Marenco Lodge

Over-looking the beach-front property, permanent structures will be established.  The attraction of this property for real estate development deep in the Osa is that it is made up of the last primary rainforest and beaches, white water views and short boat trip to the Corcovado Nation Park.  Following the establishment of the Osa primary rainforest destination luxury tent operation near the beach below, it is our intent to follow up with permanent structures on the titled land on the bluff above.  

Marenco Rainforest Living Spa

  1. AWARDS: Condè Traveler, top hotel in Costa Rica 2012; National Geographic top 50 ecolodges.

  2. ASSET:  1000 acres.

  3. SUSTAINABILITY: Its reputation as the first and top credentialed ecology Costa Rica hotel will be enhanced by 930 acres of its rainforest to be established as a conservation easement with the help of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and the local Costa Rica land trust agency, CEDARENA at the time of acquisition.

  4. Beach and forest camp(s) to be added to increase room count using Exclusive Tents (permanent installation).

  5. Will utilise Marenco beach property to the north as part of the circuit experience (see below).

  6. Lapa Rios:

  1. ASSET: 200 acres last remaining property in Osa with a beach.

  2. SUSTAINABILITY: extensive trails into the primary rainforest credential one of the first ‘eco-lodges’ established in the Osa. This legacy shall be leveraged as the ‘beach head’ for the Marenco Rainforest Living Spa Resort (see below).

  3. We shall lease this facility on minimal terms with the noted Costa Rican family to launch their extensive land holdings.  They are thoroughly enamoured by the HP model as a platform for their land holdings.

  4. Marenco Lodge:

  1. ASSET: 2000 acres, only property in Osa with a wonderful beach and primary forest reserves: Punta Río Claro National Wild Life Refuge.

  2. SUSTAINABILITY:  It is our intent to leverage the 25-year legacy of the lodge and to co-partner with founder/owner Sergio T.  Miranda and the Pinmsa Group as real estate partners.  The Miranda family wish to facilitate sustainable development on a minimal portion of their land. 

  3. Lease 25 rooms/cabins.  Much of the existing facilities will require modification and replacement.  The operation requires complete renewal.

We shall commence with three destinations, two with real estate opportunities located just south of Mumbai and Pune, the other in Jaipur.  The historic hunting lodge near Jaipur is a beginning in the popular traveller circuit known the ‘Golden Triangle’.  The ocean-front palace just south of Mumbai, and rice farm village near Pune locations

are both in proximity to local real estate interest.