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  1. 1.Regionally-based attractions, adventures, and activities specific to each location and country.

  2. 2.Locally inspired architecture and interior design at every locale

  3. 3.Living Museums ® and Cultural Safaris, each designed to involve travellers in each site.

  4. 4.Authentic: Interactive community-building involvement and engagement

  5. 5.Sustainability

Client Experience
  1. 6.A unique Living Spa ® concept featuring locally-based indigenous wellness treatments at each  Project location

  2. 7.Fresh food and beverages, locally grown and creatively presented with a focus on healthful, balanced nutrition

  3. 8.‘Scholars in Residence’ at each locale provide interpretation, information, original scholarship and community.

  4. 9.Fine art commissions by local artists through an ‘Artist in Residence’ program at each location