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This historic ocean-front palace and “India Living Spa” will anchor HarPro’s integrated medicine and Indian cultural experience.  Along the northern property line real estate villa sales are likely to appeal to Mumbai residence (40 min. boat ride to the north). The palace is only two and a half hours from the Bhor Rice Village due west (below).  From Pune an hour flight is easily taken to most anywhere on the sub-continent.

Ahmedgan Nawab Palace    

We will disperse dwellings in the heart of the farm villages in clusters of no more than two or three.  English speaking cultural guides will be grouped nearby the existing clusters of indigenous village life.  Pune-based or expatriate New Travelers will benefit from the “bridge” to simple farm-lifestyle.  The life cleansing monsoon cycle, abundant rice fields, terraced hillsides and water all make up the charming lifestyle.  The Rice Village of Bhor is ideal for both New Tourism and real estate development.

Rice Village of Bhor

The old structure will be restored. The property is set low against the hillside land reserve.  The setting will be an excellent addition to the “Golden Triangle” tourist circuit.  We will use the urban hoteliers, such as New Delhi Imperial Hotel and Amarvilas in Agra (in view of the Taj Mahal) to complete this important circuit. 

Jaipur Hunting Lodge

  1. ASSET: The grand palace is spread over 45 ocean front acres (a rarity for India), built on the edge of a cliff and offers a magnificent view of Murud and the Arabian Sea. Beach access is available, but as the property is on a cliff, the walkway will have to be restored, along with considerable restoration to the entire property. 

  2. SUSTAINABILITY: the former private hunting forest, now national reserve, is located on the west property line.  This biosphere, and the adjacent beach, will be carefully leveraged for programming and preservation.

  3. Surrounding lands along the north property could be acquired for the purpose of residential real estate development.  The value will be upheld by proximity to the Palace for the Mumbai market wishing to own a second home next to the India Living Spa, as many Indians proscribe to Ayurvedic traditional wellness procedures.

  1. ASSET: 5000 acres functioning rice community, with vibrant village, schools, temples and tranquillity located between Pune and Mumbai.

  2. SUSTAINABILITY: House construction utilises local materials and technologies. Employment of local people will offer an alternative to ‘brain drain’ of urban cities.

  3. Our Indian partner Sarang Kale owns this property with a financing interest.

  4. Surrounding lands available for the purpose of residential real estate development. 

  5. Recreation programs to be developed (lake boating, village culture and wellness).

  6. Considerable program opportunities exist within the farm: flower and herb gardens, India Living Spa, village and local history, events to attract new villa residence and Mumbai/Pune visitors.

  1. ASSET: 100 acres, located on the new toll road, Delhi to Jaipur. 

  2. SUSTAINABILITY: adjacent to reserve. Shall resort gardens and birdlife.

  3. Our Indian partner Sarang Kale owns this property.

  4. Master-plan to rehabilitate existing structures to give a Sense of History and Place to the resort for an authentic alternative to the competition.

  5. Unless more land is purchased, there is little likelihood that this site will have real estate opportunities.

  6. Leverage authentic history as a hunting lodge, (not a glitzy palace, which is a typical Indian Paradigm for Taj and Oberoi competitors).  The Harmony Project must have a presence in the ‘Golden Triangle’ to effectively ‘beach head’ South Asia for expansion.

We shall commence with three destin-ations, two with real estate opportunities located just south of Mumbai and Pune, the other in Jaipur.  The historic hunting lodge near Jaipur is a beginning in the popular traveller circuit known the ‘Golden Triangle’.  The ocean-front palace just south of Mumbai, and rice farm village near Pune locations

are both in proximity to local real estate interest.