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World tourism has three general categories: Mass Tourism, Business Travel and “all else”.

In recent years the subcategories of Ecotourism, Alternative Tourism, Experience Economy Tourism and others have emerged.  These new subcategories and others now collectively make up 20% of world travel with Mass Tourism making up 60% as depicted on the left.

Customer Segments
The New Tourist

As a consequence the growth and overlap in these subcategories creates the third category, New Tourism. We target New Tourism, a few examples are as follows:

  1. 1.Adventure traveler

  2. 2.African Safari, Birder, Eco-Lodge user

  3. 3.Antiquity and cultural tourist

  4. 4.Extension tour option for an established itinerary

  5. 5.Frequent traveler of the region

  6. 6.Seeker of established alternative medicine.

  7. 7.University alumna and professorial lead continuing education tour

  8. 8.World art collector