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HarPro-Tanzania held its management contract from 2005 - 2011.  HarPro tripled the rate, average length stay and established the lodge as an award-winning trophy property. 

There is additional room for rate growth again once the historic farmhouse renovation is complete. 


Located two and a half hours south west of Gibbs Farm.  The 10 year old Boundary Lodge is in joint venture with the local Lolkisale Village (pop. 4k from the Maasai tribe). The community owns 600,000 acres of land bordering the Tarangire National Park and has contributed 100 acres to the lodge and leases another 35,000 acres under development as a private game reserve.


Perhaps what may be the best beach and dive location fronting an island Marine Park on the Indian Ocean African coast.  The old Mafia Island Resort will be closed and totally re-constructed.  We will launch the first Marine Safari in the market as well as anchor ‘extension tours’ for Tanzania, packaged with other HarPro African destinations.


  1. AWARDS: (achieved by HarPro):

  2. Ranked 16th in Top 20 Hotels in Africa,  Condé Nast Traveler 2011, Best in the World Reader’s Choice.

  3. Received Tanzania Tourist Board Hotel/ Lodge/ Camp Sustainable Tourism Award for 2011The Tanzania Tourist Board's (TTB) annual tourism awards — now in its eleventh year.

  4. Recognised as the Best Safari Hotel in Africa, 2011 and Best Safari Camp Cuisine, finalist 2011 & 2010 by The Good Safari Guide.

  5. ASSET: 80 acre land lease (about 50 years remaining).

  6. Gibb’s Farm:

  1. ASSET: 8 keys, Boundary Hill is just outside east gate of Tanager National Park.  Access to River Camp in game reserve. Conservation Area of 17000 hectares (42K acres) near the Maasai Lokisale Village.

  2. SUSTAINABILITY : Partnership with established safari organisation with successful local Maasai village working relationship. River camp shall be established with a further ‘arm reach’ with indigenous concerns.

  3. This open expanse of land is ideal for walking and night safaris.

  4. River Camp to be newly established nearby along river in the private reserve just north.

  5. Boundary HIll:

  1. ASSET:  Purchase ongoing operation.  Close it and complete rebuild over 2 years.

  2. SUSTAINABILITY: Will establish Marine Safari and first Swahili integrated medical clinic for indigenous people and world-scientists. 

  3. Will build-out 35 keys, 12 acres amidst tall palms on a sandy beach in Chole Bay near Utende village on South coast of Mafia island (one of 5 in the archipelago surrounding the reserve). 

  4. First 2 years no income.

  5. Occupancy/average rate is historically lower than mainland.

  6. Operating expenses historically higher than mainland.

  7. Mafia Island Resort:

The Harmony Project has operated in Tanzania for over seven years. We understand this market and have created an award winning destination with the HarPro model.  Gibb’s Farm will act as the primary property due to

its 40 year establishment and the developed African Living Spa.